Ice cream stabilization & Emulsifiers


Primary purpose of stabilizers in ice cream.

      » To produce smooth creamy texture.

      » To retard/reduce ice and lactose growth during storage.

      » To slow down the melting rate of ice cream.

      » To prevent shrinkage during storage.

Common stabilizers

Sodium Alginate E-401
Carrageenan E-407
Locust Bean gum E-410
Guar Gum E-412
Pectin E-440
Xanthan Gum E-415
Sodium Carboxy E-466
Methyl Cellulose  


Primary purpose of emulsifiers in ice cream.

      » Emulsifiers keep the ice cream smooth and help in distribution of fat molecules uniformly

Common emulsifiers

      » Mono & diglycerides

      » Polysorbate - 80

Ice Cream food colours

Primary purpose of food colours ice cream

To give eye catching colours to ice cream

General food colours used in ice cream

Tartrazine E-471
Sun set yellow E-102
Carmosine E-122

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